Isabella reads and recommends urban fantasy and romance novels. Everything on the Bookshelf is a favorite, so read away!

Illusions of Grandeur was a dark romance with a witty, compelling villain and a tongue-in-cheek horror movie setup.

Categories: Dark Romance
Keywords: Ghost, Magician

Soap Clean

Death Trace had an intriguing setting, an interesting magic system, and a compelling, asexual main character whose primary power is her witty banter.

Categories: Urban Fantasy
Keywords: M/F, Gods, Asexual

If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread was a short, lighthearted holiday read, perfect for the holidays. The story was just sweet enough to satisfy.

Categories: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance
Keywords: Enemies to Lovers, Holiday Story, Novella

The Paper Magician is one of the most unique books I've read in a long time. A sweet, charming book with a hint of a dark edge that reminds me a lot of Howl's Moving Castle.

Categories: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Keywords: Teacher/Student, Older Man/Younger Woman, Witch

Changeling Exile is a fantastic urban fantasy with a lot of crunchy, traditionally faerie elements to it. The setting and characters are both compelling, and it always feels like it's worth just one more read-through.

Categories: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Keywords: Faerie, M/F

A Dead and Stormy Night is a reverse harem with a compelling heroine and a set of three sexy, broody book boyfriends. Overall, a very neat concept and a solid page turner.

Categories: Paranormal Romance, Mystery Romance
Keywords: Reverse Harem, Cozy Mystery, Shapeshifter, Mystery

Kiss Me Like You Missed Me is a fantastic crush-fulfillment fantasy, and the quintessential brother's best friend romance novel.

Categories: Contemporary Romance
Keywords: Brother's Best Friend, Second Chance

A fantastic, bonafide friends to lovers romance that actually made me laugh out loud.

Categories: Contemporary Romance
Keywords: Friends to Lovers, Accidental Marriage, Las Vegas Shenanigans

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