Crown of Briars

Faerie Lords #2

By Isabella August

Categories: Paranormal Romance

Wicked faerie queens shouldn’t have such handsome warlocks.

As the secretary to a man who trades in dangerous supernatural secrets, Zoe does her best to keep her head down and her eyes on the paperwork… but charming warlock Simon Leclair has always been her number one distraction, with his inviting manner and his stupid, irresistible smile.

Everyone knows that Simon has sold his soul to a wicked, dangerous faerie queen—but when Zoe’s own dark secrets threaten, Simon quickly becomes her best bet to survive. As the distance between them disappears, Zoe begins to worry she might lose her heart to a man who’s already given up his soul.

The Faerie Lords series continues with a wickedly spellbinding sequel. Fall into Crown of Briars, a modern faerie tale romance that reviewers call “adult fairytales at their best.”


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