Crown of Salt

Faerie Lords #4

By Isabella August

Categories: Paranormal Romance

A wicked fae. A vampiric prince. A grim, impossible bargain.
The Drowned Lord holds Valentine’s soul in his rotten hands. For a hundred years, she’s been forced to do the wicked faerie lord’s bidding. In a desperate effort to escape his grasp, Valentine decides to end the contract with her own death—but a vampire named Percival Atheling inconveniently saves her life and steals her heart.

Sane human beings don’t meddle with dark faeries… but Percy is both far from human and far too clever. When Percy decides to wager his soul for Valentine's, she has only a year and a day to ensure that he wins—and the Drowned Lord has never once lost a bet.

The fourth novel in the Faerie Lords series offers up a bloodier, more sinister modern faerie tale romance. Take a walk on the dark side with Crown of Salt, a book reviewers call “the faerie tale to end all faerie tales.”

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