Crown of Frost

Faerie Lords #1

By Isabella August

Categories: Paranormal Romance

Faeries make for terrible enemies... and even more dangerous allies.

Nightmares still plague Elaine Halstead, five years after her escape from the darkest realm in faerie. No amount of mortal magic can fix her tattered memories, but one uneasy remnant haunts her dreams: a mysterious man with cold blue eyes.

When Elaine’s nightmares return for her, so too does the man from her dreams. Tall, dark, and cloaked in dangerous power, Liam claims that he's come to protect Elaine... but his very presence is enough to enmesh them both in dangerous faerie politics all over again. More than one lord of faerie wants what Elaine can't remember—but someone very wicked owes her an incalculable debt, and she intends to collect.

All she needs to do is remember how very off-limits her bodyguard is.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and the Merry Gentry series will find plenty to love in this steamy, modern faerie tale. Dive into Crown of Frost and read the book that started the Faerie Lords series.

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