Crown of Glass

Faerie Lords #3

By Isabella August

Categories: Paranormal Romance

A dangerous mystery, a terrible betrayal… and something lurking in the Looking Glass.
What do you do when your best friend sells his soul? Jenna still hasn’t figured out the answer to that question. For years, she’s been searching for a way to undo the faerie bargain that stole Gabriel Fisher’s soul. When Gabe reappears in Jenna’s life, however, it becomes clear that his master, the Lord of the Looking Glass, has a particular interest in Jenna. If there’s any chance to bring back the man Jenna loves, she’ll take it… but if she isn’t careful, she might end up trapped behind the Looking Glass with Gabe, forever.

The third installment in the Faerie Lords series adds another bewitching, modern faerie tale romance to the roster. Pick up Crown of Glass, and step into “a world much weirder than Wonderland.”

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