Crown of Gold

Faerie Lords

By Isabella August

Money can’t buy back your soul.

Selling his soul to the Lady of Illusion wasn’t Ezra White’s best decision. But now, the Lady has offered to return Ezra’s soul to him—all he has to do is attend a dangerous faerie ball and steal a prisoner right out from under the Lord of Coins. It’s an impossible task that Ezra can’t afford to turn down… which is why he’s asked the best private investigator he knows to come as his plus one.

Nicole Morris knows better than to take a job involving faeries. They’re crazy, they’re powerful, and they play by a hundred deadly, nitpicky rules. But when the one man Nicole can’t refuse shows up asking her for help, she finds herself considering a very bad idea indeed. No amount of money could convince Nicole to walk into Arcadia… but Ezra’s soul is worth a lot more to her than money.

All Nicole needs to do is help Ezra figure out how to con a faerie.

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